girls fighting helping evil: the girls who want the world to burn

i feel the earth move under my feet

i feel the sky tumbling down

-i feel the earth move, carole king

(not all girls want to save the world.  not all girls are filled with the desire to save mankind.  some want to watch it end.  some girls drink darkness and have no regrets.)

❝ All of this is typical girl-fear. Once you realize that The Exorcist is, essentially, the story of a 12-year-old who starts cussing, masturbating, and disobeying her mother—in other words, going through puberty—it becomes apparent to the feminist-minded viewer why two adult men are called in to slap her around for much of the third act. People are convinced that something spooky is going on with girls; that, once they reach a certain age, they lose their adorable innocence and start tapping into something powerful and forbidden. Little girls are sugar and spice, but women are just plain scary. And the moment a girl becomes a woman is the moment you fear her most. Which explains why the culture keeps telling this story. ❞

Rookie, The Season of the Witch

For readings on the correlation in horror between puberty and the monstrous, see:

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DO IT FOR THE KLEOS → an (extremely short) instrumental mix, for mondays, gym days, or any days when you just feel like you might not be able to backtalk agamemnon again without some extra pep. (requested by aknightowl)

i. tomoyasu hotei — battle without honor or humanity
ii. tyler bates (300) —
 returns a king
iii. ramin djawadi (pacific rim) — we are the resistance
iv. two steps from hell — archangel
v. the glitch mob — a dream within a dream
vi. ramin djawadi (game of thrones) — dracarys
vii. john williams (the phantom menace) — duel of the fates
viii. carl orff — fortuna imperatrix mundi (o fortuna: reprise)

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❝ Will I feel his ashes as they settle against mine? ❞
—— Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles  (via mirroir)
❝ We can never be gods, after all—but we can become something less than human with frightening ease. ❞
—— N.K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms 
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❝ Name one hero who was happy.❞
                                                        ❝You can't.❞

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You know what’s weird?  Going from reading and getting emotionally invested in The Song of Achilles to watching Troy… Like what’s going on with you Achilles why 

❝ Say what you like about me. Tempter I may be, tormentor, liar, accuser, blasphemer and all-round bad egg, but no one else gets the credit for the discovery of angelic freedom. That, my fleshy friends, was Lucifer. (Ironic of course that after the Fall they stopped referring to me as Lucifer, the Bearer of Light and started referring to me as Satan, the Adversary. Ironic that they stripped me of my angelic name at the very moment I began to be worthy of it.) ❞
—— I, Lucifer, Glen Duncan

Alexander McQueen Fall 2007.

❝ Monsters are our children. They can be pushed to the farthest margins of geography and discourse, hidden away at the edges of the world and in the forbidden recesses of our mind, but they always return. And when they come back, they bring not just a fuller knowledge of our place in history and the history of knowing our place, but they bear self-knowledge, human knowledge - and a discourse all the more sacred as it arises from the Outside. These monsters ask us how we perceive the world, and how we have misrepresented what we have attempted to place. They ask us to reevaluate our cultural assumptions about race, gender, sexuality, our perception of difference, our tolerance toward its expression. They ask us why we have created them. ❞
—— Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, “Monster Culture: Seven Theses” (via theagonistes)
❝ they called her witch because she knew how to heal herself. ❞
—— Here We Are, Reflections of A God Gone Mad (2nd edition)
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This is a place of too much gravity. Fall into the black hole: see nothing, feel nothing. Only listen to that hollow heartbeat as you get closer to the event horizon — nothing here screams louder than the bass.


Guys I don’t know what to go to graduate school for why do I have to graduate college this year.  Like do I want epidemiology?  Environmental science?  Masters in nursing?  Public health? Medical writing? W h y do I have to be an adult and make decisionssss