I’ve always enjoyed stories about the Devil. It sounds really… I’m not a Satanist! But there’s a reason Paradise Lost was more successful than Paradise Regained. The Devil’s a much more charismatic figure than Jesus." - Daniel Radcliffe, Total Film Magazine


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a dark-fairytale-ish mix. more or less a compilation of haunting female voices

i. riverside; agnes obel ii. me and the devil; soap&skin iii. kill and run: sia iv. grow: rae morris v. becomes the colour; emily wells vi. sweet dreams (are made of this); emily browning vii. father father; susanne sundfør viii. bone is bloodstone; la vampires & zola jesus ix. girl with one eye; florence + the machine x. i awake; sarah blasko xi. under the earth; yeah yeah yeahs xii. fire song; emily wells xiii. moonwalker; nina kinert

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❝ Hold onto your voice. Hold onto your breath. Don’t make a noise, don’t leave the room until I come back from the dead for you. I will come back from the dead for you. ❞
—— Richard Siken, excerpt of You are Jeff (via camilla-macauley)


BEAUTIES LEFT BEHIND ; a modern!myth mix | [one] ari (ariadne), the southern beauty with a heart as open & warm as her home, seduced & swindled by delicious con man teddy. / [two] nessa (clytemnestra), the army wife turned scarlet murderess, crazed with grief for her dead baby girl. / [three] penny (penelope), pining for the husband whose body was never found overseas, plagued by new courters. [four songs each]

i. broken chariot - cocorosie | ii. ribbons - ingrid michaelson | iii. dead in the water - ellie goulding | iv. better off - haim | v. crown on the ground - sleigh bells | vi. the beast - laura marling | vii. my song 5 - haim | viii. poison apple - charlene kaye | ix. wings - birdy | x. winter - daughter | xi. ghost - sir sly | xii. gravediggress - cocorosie

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important scenes in the secret history

  • "what do you mean people landed on the moon?? how did they get there? when did this happen?”  this is the most important scene in the whole book 
  • richard: “did you guys have an orgy” henry: “…….. we don’t need to talk about that right now”
  • bunny steals pie from someone on financial aid
  • And as we leave Donne and Walton on the shores of Metahemeralism, we wave a fond farewell to those famous chums of yore”
  • charles gets high as hell at the funeral and kills a bee
  • "this man was not voltaire we killed.  but still.  it’s a shame. i feel bad about it."
  • "um we can’t confess to murder and go on trial. think how it’ll look!  they’ll think we’re a bunch of rich assholes high on drugs who just broke onto someone’s property and killed them."  THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE
  • richard repeatedly trying to convince himself that he’s straight while deeply fascinated in an obviously sexual way by all members of the murder clique
  • richard comparing himself to gatsby in the great gatsby when he is transparently a nick figure
  • "asparagus is in season"

Well, I have said this in the past, so I hope i don’t bore you by repeating it, but I think that we live or die under the tyranny of perfection. Socially, we are pushed towards being perfect. Physically, beautiful to conform to standards that are cruel and uncommon, to behave and lead our lives in a certain way, to demonstrate to the world that we are happy and healthy and all full of sunshine. We are told to always smile and never sweat, by multiple commercials of shampoo or beer.

And I feel that the most achievable goal of our lives is to have the freedom that imperfection gives us.

And there is no better patron saint of imperfection than a monster.

We will try really hard to be angels, but I think that a balanced, sane life is to accept the monstrosity in ourselves and others as part of what being human is. Imperfection, the acceptance of imperfection, leads to tolerance and liberates us from social models that I find horrible and oppressive.

—— Guillermo del Toro, on why he has always been intrigued by monsters [x] (via radiophile)


Only Greek would have a word for “the clotted blood of the eaten children”. Ancient Greece was a bad choice for the foundation for Western civilization.

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teenaged city witches…

  • boiling love potions in the kettle
  • enchanting instruments to play their favourite pop songs
  • lighting a cigarette on a floating candle
  • going back in time to watch a tv episode they missed
  • hiding an owl in a ‘no pets’ apartment
  • dying their hair at the flick of a wrist
  • writing spells in starbucks
  • flicking between magazines and ancient tomes
  • asking siri where to find obscure ingredients
  • changing the weather to suit their moods
  • holding a coven at a record shop
  • using city lights instead of the moon and stars

oh man

Viola Davis is a freaking tour de force. As she slowly peels back her wig, her eyelashes and wipes away her makeup, you can just see Annalise come undone. She doesn’t say a word, but you can feel the pain radiating off her. It gave me the chills. (x)

Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you?

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"Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not obscure it. Use subtle highlights to accent the ravenous hunger in your eyes and bring out the extraordinary size of your submandibular venom glands."

"Your daily positive affirmation: today I am thankful for being alive and blessed with rows upon rows of teeth that shear right through muscle and bone."

"Conceal your dark circles. Conceal your bright chevrons and your dusky stripes. The humans must not suspect what you are."

"New research shows that ideal femininity encompasses a lamia’s beauty, a cyclops’ strength, a hydra’s deadliness, a Fury’s heartlessness, a harpy’s swiftness, and a sphinx’s love of feasting on less intelligent creatures. Be a chimera that cannot be contained!"

"Aim to be described as "inexplicably eerie," "unsettlingly off," and "I’m not sure what she looks like, I could never keep my eyes on her face long enough to see."


sex is a lot like the Iliad. you thrust spears, you get constant long winded metaphors about lions, zeus is there

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